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ORCA Vicki

Written by Vicki Lee

Project announcement
Icon Films website mockup

James Ewin, Creative Director of ORCA comments:

“Revamping the digital presence of such a renowned and accomplished production giant is no easy task. The team at ORCA were keen to get under the skin of the Icon Films brand and to understand what fuels their creative process. Through a highly collaborative process, working alongside key Icon team members, we have produced a new portfolio website which will stand the test of time and propel Icon Films into the next generation of film making and production. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and we hope the new website brings a huge amount of future success for this incredible company.”

We’re really happy with the final design, it’s been a pleasure working with Icon Films on this project. We can’t wait to see how the new website performs over the coming years.

See the full case study for this project.

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